Am I Emo?

Find out if you're emo or not with the "am I emo" quiz

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're an emo kid or just a regular kid with emo tendencies. Our emo quiz will let you know.

Am I Emo? Find out with the short, accurate Am I Emo quiz.:

1. Describe your current hairstyle?
a)  Black and spikey.
b)  Short and neat.
c)  Words can't describe my hair.
d)  I copied it off somebody's MySpace picture.

2. I'm currently wearing..
a)  My sister's jeans, and I'm a guy.
b)  Nothing. Wanna cyber?
c)  A August.
d)  Lots and lots of black
d)  A jersey and jeans.

3. When somebody makes fun of me I...?
a)  Punch them.
b)  Laugh at them
c)  Go home and write a poem about it.
d)  Put a hex on them and their future offspring.
e)  People don't make fun of me, I make fun of them.

4. The song currently playing is about...
a)  Self Pity
b)  Being mad at your dad for taking your skateboard away.
c)  The size of the singer's penis, pimps, hoes, & weed.
d)  Mama, trains, trucks, prison, & getting drunk.
e)  Being on a boat.

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